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Pinnacle Learning Center offers test preparation courses for the S.A.T. The SAT is administered approximately seven times per year by the College Board. These tests are usually given in October, November, December, March or April, May, June and August. The October and May test dates are usually the most popular, and so have more local test sites available to area students. SAT scores are an integral component of the college admission process and so many high school students will take these exams 2-3 times in order to achieve the highest scores possible.

Pinnacle offers SAT Prep Courses throughout the year as the demand indicates. Intense group preparation is the typical model, with the groups having no more than 12 students maximum. Thirty hours of instruction is offered with 12 hours concentrating on Math review and the other 18 hours concentrating on review of English/Verbal/Writing. Each component is taught by an instructor certified in the specific area being addressed.