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The Pinnacle Learning Center offers Regents Review Courses in most academic areas that Regents Exams are given. These courses are intended to be an intensive review of material that encompasses the entire curriculum, including course content and test-taking strategies. All courses are taught by certified teachers who have knowledge and training in the current Regents Exam requirements. Courses usually start 3 to 4 weeks prior to the exam date. Total number of hours of instructional time varies between 24-30 hours depending on the course being taught. Classes usually last 2 hours per day over 12-15 sessions. Small groups with a maximum of 12 students ensure individualized attention. Pre-registration is suggested. Registration is required.
The following courses are typically offered if the demand warrants just prior to June, August and January test dates:
  • Global History and Geography
  • U.S. History and Government
  • Comprehensive English
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Living Environment (Biology)
  • Physical Setting / Earth Science
  • Physical Setting / Chemistry
  • Physical Setting / Physics
  • Integrated Geometry
  • Integrated Trigonometry

    NOTE: Students who are particularly weak in any Regents subject should consider individualized tutoring prior to entering a Regents Review Course in order to remediate areas of weakness.